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Welcome to Naisula School

Naisula School is a high quality boarding school set on a 25 acre site in the serene plains of Maasailand near Kajiado.

The School offers the IGCSE System of education and has excellent boarding amenities and a full range of academic and sports facilities reflecting the perfect environment for nurturing and developing students.

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Why Choose Us?

Vision & Commitment

Clear vision and commitment to combine academic excellence in secondary education through the IGCSE curricula, with well-rounded development of our students..

Full Boarding

Excellent full boarding facilities.

Quality Sports Facilities

Full range of sports facilities on a 25 acre site and strong sports development program.

Value for Money

Offers all-round education priced to give value.

Proximity to Nairobi

Conveniently located in the serene plains of Maasailand, only 84 kilometers from Nairobi.

Outstanding Education Facilities

Fully equipped science and computer laboratories, Art/Design, and music resource centres.

Experienced Staff

Qualified, experienced, all-rounded staff to drive the institution’s vision and objectives.


There can be no substitute for a loving, caring home and our School does not seek to be such a substitute.


Naisula School offers a conducive environment for nurturing students’ talents in all sporting activities.


Our students have access to a range of musical instruments and an opportunity to sample various musical genres.



School Events